MaryLouise Eckman

Originally, I came to area the in 1988 from the South Bay, when I bought my first horse, Dakota. While here almost 25 years, I lived in La Tuna, LVT and Shadow Hills while boarding at several of the large boarding facilities in the area and Little Tujunga. Although I had to move out of the area for family reasons, I still board with Gibson Ranch for almost 20 years with my boy, Potter the Foxtrotter.  I helped start local ETI Corral 210 and helped create and co-Chaired Ride for a Cure which put on a series of large rodeo style fundraisers benefitting local 501C’s, both of which were based out of Gibson Ranch. 

Because I believe that we all have a duty to give back to the communities in which we live and play, I have tried to volunteer whenever needed and have encouraged others to do so as well.  The Foothills is a unique and wonderful wildlife and recreation area that needs to be protected from encroaching urban sprawl and devastating wildfires.  One of the last of Los Angeles’ equestrian areas, we need to protect and preserve this area for future generations.  I currently serve as the FTDNC’s Equestrian Committee Chairperson, responsible for the yearly Equine Health Fairs, and networking with County Mitigation and local fire and police to provide ways to better protect Hansen Dam and those who seek to enjoy it. The Committee also addresses other horse-related issues in the area, such as real estate horse keeping rights, mapping trails, horse evacuations during disasters, and other equine-related topics.

Building a proactive Neighborhood Council provides a stronger voice to speak to the needs of the community, provide guidance to better access to City Services for the public, and to better communicate community needs to the elected representatives of the Los Angeles City Council.


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