Communications and Outreach

Meets the 4th Monday of every month at 7:00 pm.Comm logo

Location: via Zoom (please go to Calendar, click on meeting. Agenda has link)

The Communications and Outreach Committee works on behalf of the Neighborhood Council by regularly engaging with the community and keeping them informed on matters of local importance. This can be done via social media, the NC website, email communication, via public community functions by distributing educational materials, literature, and promotional items, and at the simplest of levels, by talking with friends, neighbors, and stakeholders within the district. The goal of all of this is to let fellow community members know about the Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council and how it can be of service to them.

In addition, the Communications and Outreach Committee solicits and receives grant requests from community members and organizations; the funds may be used to create events and programs that respond to community needs, or spent to advocate for issues such as crime prevention, better roads and streets, safe spaces for children, help for the homeless, arts, or to support local schools.

The overall objective is more public participation in the community by the community so that everyone can have input on decisions that affect their daily quality of life, and the services they receive from the City.




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