Land Use

Meets First Tuesday of every month at 7 pm.      

Location: via Zoom (please go to Calendar, click on meeting. Agenda has link)  

What does the Land Use Committee Do?

  • Reviews upcoming developments and zoning changes in the City, discovers local opinion, and advocates for stakeholders.
  • Lobbies for a fair approval process, where community residents can be able to have a fair comment period for drastic changes.
  • Advocates for the preservation of ultra-low density uses and passive open space.
  • Holds the City accountable to the Specific Plans and local protection rules

Useful Links:

LA City Planning  Home | Los Angeles City Planning

Building and Safety

Specific Plan:  San Gabriel/Verdugo Mountains Scenic Preservation | Los Angeles City Planning

Stonehurst Historic Preservation Overlay Zone:

Having a problem with a neighbor’s property? 

  1. Talk to your neighbor and try to get the issue resolved
  2. Report a violation to Building and Safety:
  3. Check back on the Building and Safety site to check the status of the violation - typically you're going to want to see "Order to Comply" which means the inspector has ordered the property owner to fix the problem
  4. Contact the CD7 council office if the violation has not been resolved, they can help follow up
  5. If none of this works after several weeks, please come to the Land Use Committee meeting, and we can look into the situation and see if a letter from the Neighborhood Council to the city is warranted to help resolve the situation.

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