About Us

2023-2024 Board Members

Alisa Clairet, Corresponding Secretary

Cindy Bloom, VP for Communications and Outreach and Outreach Committee Chair

Eli Wells, Treasurer and Budget and Finance Committee Chair

Josie Zarate, Public Safety Committee Chair

Kevin J. Davis, President

Leslie McGee

Marshallyn Brown

Oma El, Parliamentarian

Pamela Miller-Mitchell

Raya Gayton

Roy Zarate

Steve Ortiz

Tiser Turner

Yvonne Sucich

Neighborhood Councils are the closest form of government to the people. They are advisory bodies, who advocate for their communities with City Hall on important issues like development, homelessness, and emergency preparedness. Neighborhood Councils are part of the Los Angeles City government and have annual budgets funded by taxpayer dollars. Neighborhood Council board members are City officials who are elected by the members of their local communities, but they donate their time as volunteers. The Neighborhood Council system was established in 1999 as a way of ensuring that the City government remains responsive to the different needs and lifestyles of Los Angeles’s rich variety of communities. There are currently 99 Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles, each serving about 40,000 people. To learn more about Neighborhood Councils visit The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE).

 The Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council, (FTDNC) consisting of Lake View Terrace, La Tuna Canyon, and Shadow Hills, exists to promote greater local participation in government in order to make the Los Angeles City Council and city government more responsive to local needs and wishes. Specifically, to advocate for stakeholders regarding land use, planning, and development, and all issues of concern to our stakeholders; to preserve the rural, recreational, ethnically diverse, and environmentally sensitive nature of our area as an important low-density oasis within the city limits; and to acknowledge that the FTDNC comprises 3 of the few remaining horse keeping areas within the entire city of Los Angeles.

The Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council will facilitate and encourage diverse interests in our community to work together in addressing common concerns and to promote and facilitate dialogue and collaboration with other neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles.

Who is a Stakeholder and what can he or she do?

As defined by the FTDNC Bylaws, a Stakeholder is anyone who lives, works, or owns property within the boundaries. A Stakeholder attends meetings, votes in the elections, participate in committees, and participates at many levels with City’s decision making processes.

What is the Composition of the FTDNC Board?

The FTDNC Board is comprised of 15 members representing diverse stakeholder interests and geographic locations. The area which makes up the neighborhood council was divided by census tracts into six areas. There are two board members representing each of the six areas and three At-Large Representatives. All Board members serve for a term of two years.

What are FTDNC Board Members expected to do?

Board Members are expected to attend all general and special meetings and participate on committees; conduct outreach in their area by making community members and neighbors aware of the Neighborhood Council.

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